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Dream big, work hard

Make it happen


First and foremost, I am a world-famous tennis player who has become a keynote speaker and executive career coach. Disciplined, energetic, and passionate, I am deeply stimulated to share my experience. So, my ability to cope with stress and gain great mental strength can be used by others.

Today, I help executives, professionals, and athletes to achieve their best. I support my clients in search of motivation and resilience during coaching sessions and workshops.

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I’m born in Verviers on the 31st of May in 1973. I discovered quickly that tennis was my passion. My dream was to become a tennis star like Chris Evert who was my role model. At the age of 9, I started to play tennis, and very quickly my coach discovered my talent. Combining tennis with studies was not easy, but I graduated at the age of 18 and my dream came true.

My first goal was to achieve the TOP 100 in 2 years’ time. After 6 months I already achieved this objective! For 10 years, I was a professional tennis player and I reached the Top 10 on the world ranking. After winning the bronze medal at the OG in Sydney in doubles with Els Callens, I ended my professional tennis career.

Since then, I have been active in the corporate and sport’s world as a coach & keynote speaker. Today, I enjoy life to the fullest and continue to work on my personal and professional development.

Two Universes

My career as a top tennis player was full of experience. Thanks to my talent, mental power and strong character, I succeeded to be the First Belgian tennis player to reach the TOP 10 in the world.

My capacity to cope with stress, to be energized, and my mental strength, were my biggest assets during my career.

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