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Proposed topics


Boost your energy (Keynote & Workshop)

Deadlines, pressure, emergencies, stress,… Nowadays, not only machines crash, but also people!  To keep this rhythm going without any human damage, we need to develop our potential in order to optimize our mental, emotional & physical capacities. The career of a professional athlete and a corporate athlete is very similar.


Deal with pressure, Reach our objective, Adapt to changes so both of them need to train as “ athletes” to become stronger.

During this conference, Dominique Monami will explain in an interactive way:


  • How to develop our potential

  • How to boost our energy

  • The interaction between Mental / Emotional /Physical

  • What are the difference between our Mental / emotional & physical energy?

A golden state of mind (Keynote)

Have you ever wanted to make your dream comes true? Working hard to achieve your dream is for some people a sacrifice for other an evidence. Motivation is key if you want to achieve your objective & face the future challenges.


Dominique Monami, as keynote speaker, will share her experience, passion and motivation as a former top athlete and business coach since 15y.


She will give you concrete tips & tricks on the following topics:

  • What is the impact of talent on your motivation?

  • How can you reinforce your motivation?

  • How do you rebound after a bad experience?

  • Which state of mind is essential to grow & still having fun?

  • What will help you to reach your objective?

  • How do you create the right energy balance during the day to stay focus?

Testimonials : Keynotes & Workshops Dominique Monami

It’s always a pleasure to work together with Dominique.

Always in a good mood and the targets of the sessions are always achieved. If it’s about burn out prevention, stress management, result optimisation or refine pleasure in the job, Dominique always makes an interesting, inspiring and very clear link between the sports- and business world. 

Gobbe Patrick - Managing Director - Belfius Hainaut & Senne

The first time I met Dominique was at the time she teaches a very interesting session for our Top Management Division, about 1.000 managers”.


Her wisdom based on her sport experience, the way she handles stress. She gave a lot of very practical tips and tricks. I was really surprised how useful sport experience can be in a business environment. Thanks to her dynamics and enthusiasm Dominique made a lot clear to our managers.

Kurt Van Raemdonck – HR director - Skeyes

Dominique was the key-note speaker at our Insurance Ambassador Program in Genval this year. She did not only astonish everyone with her life-story, she interacted with her audience from the beginning until the end! A motivational story filled with take-away suggestions to reach small & large goals. And... perfect in French & Dutch! Thx Dominique & see you soon!

Astrid Leemans -Head of distribution banque & assurance - Belfius

Dominique is an highly engaged professional who brings a lot of personal experience into her presentation. She can perform in an international environment ( her language skills are exceptional) and understands the group dynamic very well which she can influence in a credible way. The will surprise every audience with her unique combination of practical tips and theoretical concepts.

Jacques Vandermeiren - CEO - Haven van Antwerpen

Dominique was the perfect speaker to launch our Summer Academy this year. The topic for this summer was "Boost your Energy" and she embodied energy both during her keynote and her workshops. Feedback from participants was really positive.


People were surprised to see how accessible she is despite her famous name. In addition, she walks the talk being open to feedback and always striving for excellence. Dominique has this rare ability to be at the same time a great role model and a kind soul.

Ségolène Brantschen - HR Business Expert People Development - Bpost