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1. Boost your energy

Deadlines, pressure, changes, stress, Nowadays, not only machines crash, but also people! To keep this rhythm going without any human damage, we need to understand how we function and optimize our mental, emotional & physical capacities. The career of a sport athlete and a corporate athlete is very similar.


Take away from this session?

· How to develop our potential?

· How to boost our energy to reach your objective?

· The interaction between mental, emotional, physical energy?

· How to train as an athlete to become stronger

2. A golden state of mind

Have you ever wanted to make your dream comes true? Working hard to achieve your goal is for some people a sacrifice for other an evidence. Motivation is key if you want to achieve your objective and face the future challenges.


Take away from this session?

· How can you reinforce your motivation?

· How do you use difficult situation to bounce back higher?

· Which state of mind is essential to grow & still having fun?

· Why is feedback “food for champion”?

3. Individual and collective dynamics

Pressure, deadlines, continuous changes... To keep up with such a rhythm, it’s important to preserve your personal balance and create the right connection within a team to achieve your objectives.

Take away from this session?

• The difference between individual & team dynamic

• Individual energy sources.

• Key resources for collective performance.


Disciplined, energetic and passionate, I am deeply stimulated by the transmission of my experience, so it can be used by others.

My themes can be for a keynote (1h) or a workshop (2h30). Participants come back with a lot of practical tips and tricks they can implement in their professional and daily life

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Custom made sessions are possible. The content can be discussed in function of your input.

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1. Boost your energy

During COVID19, getting the right vitality and energy balance is more than ever a priority. Your mental, emotional & physical energy will be fully recharged after this session.


Take away from this session?

· How to build a stock of energy and more resilience?

· A better understanding of mental, emotional et physical energy.

· How to recharge and optimize 100% of your energy

2. Boost your mental

In this webinar, I will highlight the main components of mental resilience and how we can use them to deal swiftly with the changes imposed on us.


Expect an eye-opener that makes it clear that investing in your own brain leads to more productivity, energy and happiness and less fear and anxiety. Get through this time with sufficient motivation.


Take away from this session?

· How to bounce back higher?

· A better understanding of how our brain function.

· How to keep focus at home?

· Practical tips for more mental energy.

3. Self-Leadership in Post-COVID

Since COVID19, different factors have a strong impact on your employees (economic uncertainty, change in cohesion, new workflow etc.). Companies need to adopt a more resilient management. Doing so, employees can boost their performance.

Take away from this session?

· The mechanism of resilience.

· How to adapt in VUCA world?

· How to create an open state of mind?

· The importance of feedback.


During this intense COVID19 period, boosting your human capital is more than ever a priority. Through these online courses, I want to offer inspiring content for you and your employees.



It’s always a pleasure to work together with Dominique. Always in a good mood and the targets of the sessions are always achieved. Dominique always makes an interesting, inspiring and very clear link between the sports- and business world.

Gobbe Patrick - Managing Director - Belfius Hainaut & Senne

I've received a lot of positive feedbacks after the session : Boost your Energy. Personnally, I loved it.

Pierre Aymar de Potter – Bpost Bank CFO



During my career I was never afraid to grab the microphone and talk in front of an audience. Languages are my passion and I speak fluently French, Dutch and English.


Companies, sports organizations, event agencies ask for presentations with a link to sport or coaching.



A host full of energy and very professional. Her energy filled the venue and her empathy was relaxing for the speakers. Everything with a laugh, very convincing.

Marc Egtved and Deborah Bruere - Partena Future Generations

Dominique is a fantastic presenter and moderator in both Dutch and French. She knows to work with a big audience.

Bart Lambrechts - Human Resources Director – Carglass

I have known and worked with Dominique for many years on many types of events. She is a well-prepared, intelligent and reliable presenter who I can thoroughly recommend.

Andy Hancock - CEO - VAAV