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Who is Dominique Monami ?

My Childhood

I’m born in Verviers on 31st of May in 1973. During my childhood I lived in Verviers where I studied humanities at the SFX College. At the age of 9 I started to play tennis, thanks to my parents and sister.


Very quickly my parents discovered my tennis skills and my coach Michèle Gurdal developed them very well. Combining tennis with my studies was not always easy but I graduated at the age of 18 and became a professional tennis player on the WTA tour.

My Sportive Career

My first goal was to achieve the TOP 100 in 2 years time but after 6 months I already achieved this objective…


Life on the professional tour was not always easy but thanks to a lot of experience and mistakes, I succeeded to reach the Top 10 on the world ranking. Although I had no opportunity to study at the university I graduated on the university of life!

Tennis learned me a lot: how to deal with pressure, setting  goals, how to deal with failure, energy management and setting priorities.

After winning the bronze medal at the OG in Sydney in doubles with Els Callens I said goodbye and ended my professional tennis career.

My Current Career

Despite a great sportive career with many highlights, my best victory remains the birth of my daughter Ines on May 29, 2001!

Since 2003 have been living in Mechelen with my husband, Erik. Although I don't play tennis as before, the sport still largely controls my life and is often the motor of my current activities.


Today, my hobbies are golf and cooking. I enjoy life to the fullest and continue to work on my personal and professional development.